Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Wentworth Kersey are an interesting combo from Denver, Colorado. Dusty, alt-country that swims in Eno-esque ambiance and glitch. It makes for music that’s otherworldly and antiquated sounding, but still possesses a slow and quiet beauty. More so, it that made me intrigued enough to want to discover more about its makers."

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

::POPmatters:: ...REVIEW...

8 out of 10

+" ideal soundtrack to the disintegration of the American Dream. The music on their EP O is the sound of dreams deferred and lessons learned. Acoustic guitar, electronic atmospherics, and world-weary vocals create a certain windswept beauty that meshes well with these downtrodden economic times."

+"The backing electronics from Stevens never threaten to overwhelm Sampson’s clear vocals and concise arrangements—an achievement of restraint that push these folk songs into transcendent territory. The tracks here wash in and recede before staying too long, adding to the EP’s ephemeral, mysterious nature. This eminently listenable release provides a compelling reason to anticipate two follow-up EPs promised in 2009."