Monday, August 30, 2010

the final chapter of Wentworth Kersey's EP trilogy is here...EP((O))

EP O came out in 2008, EP (O) in 2009, and here it is 2010...EP ((O)) finally completes the trilogy.
Celebrate with us a few different ways...

::Watch the NEW VIDEo for "Oxbow"::

...the first 30 vaqueros to TEXT MESSAGE the hidden phone number in the video with "WK", their NAME, and MAILING ADDRESS will receive a FREE copy of our new EP ((O))
(We filmed this on the magical alpine slide with not so careful direction from lo-fi film masters Jason Iselin and Chad Thomas.)

::Have a cup of joe and get an album of Jeff and Joe for FREE...courtesy of ST. MARKS COFFEEHOUSE::

Our gracious friends at St. Mark's Coffeehouse (2019 E. 17th Ave. Denver, CO) are helping us giveaway free copies of EP ((O)) with a cup of coffeee.  Don't miss out and support local business too.

::Or just BUY IT, if you so choose to support some lowly bootgazing vaqueros....
Wentworth Kersey's new EP ((O)) is now available at plastic sound supply, bandcamp, itunes, cdbaby, amazon, etc.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CAUSE = TIME hails EP ((O)) as...

 "... it’s cowboy-shoegaze, or if Spirtualized had a baby with Beck’s “Sea Change” album."

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wentworth Kersey LIVE.
Join Kal Cahoone & the Dirty Pretty and Wentworth Kersey 
on August 21st 2010 @ the Mercury Room.  $7
2199 California Street
Denver, CO 80205

Monday, August 9, 2010

--"Every piece seems like it has a warm, shimmering halo of synth bliss around it, which provides a very effective soft-focus counterbalance to Sampson's gritty heartbreak."
--"Sampson is anything but mopey.  In fact, he's a very charismatic, powerful, and articulate vocalist.  He's a damn good songwriter too, as each of the eight pieces here is simple, direct, and memorably hooky." 
--"It is highly improbable that this band will be able to remain a secret if this EP gets heard."
--"I like this a lot."   Anthony D'Amico 

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