Sunday, June 14, 2009

WeNtWOrtH KeRSEY EP (O) now on...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ART ROCKER review of EP (O)
"This knocked me for six. Some stunning, beautiful country music from Joe Kersey Sampson (A Dog Paloma) and Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens (George&Caplin). Wentworth Kersey describe their sound as a ‘sci-fi folk experiment’ which gives a good impression of what they’re up to.
The songs are simply crafted but swathed in a rich psychey soundscape. Far from swamping the country goodness, the extra layers add a whole new dimension to the songs, making them extraordinary. It’s very cleverly done - velvety and honest at the same time.
Fans of Beachwood Sparks and Mystic Chords of Memory will fall in love with this. Indeed, fans of good music everywhere should be legging it over to the Plastic Sound Supply site to buy a copy of the album"

Thanks ARTROCKER for your kind words...